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Press and Reviews

Below are reviews that I've found online. The linked page has reviews written by Diana's fans. If you can contribute to either page, let me know!
*Note- no wording has been changed or ever will be changed without author's consent.

Fan Reviews


"Diana Kaarina is a delightful triple-threat Miss Dorothy" -J.D. Whitney for

"As Miss Dorothy, Diana Kaarina is the ultimate ingénue - frothy and slightly limp as overly whipped cream. She displays a delightful sense of self-parody-not afraid to simp and flutter her eyelashes outrageously." -Carolanne Sudderth for the Ocean Park Gazette

"Diana Kaarina is a lovely and confident Miss Dorothy" -Morgan LaVere for

"Diana Kaarina is outstanding as Miss Dorothy Brown and she has that '20s feel about her acting. She is more "Millie" than Roberts. Kaarina is a great dancer and has a grand range from operetta style, such as in the "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" duet with Sean Allan Krill, to a jazzy rendition of 'How the Other Half Lives.'" -Richard Connema for Talkin Broadway

"Diana Kaarina radiates like a 20-year-old Bernadette Peters as the Little Bo Peep-ish Miss Dorothy." -John Moore for the Denver Post

"The musical's parallel romance is between Graydon and Miss Dorothy Brown (Diana Kaarina), a doll-like little heiress in search of low-life adventure. Kaarina, a petite beauty and a gorgeous dancer, is terrific, and she and Krill nearly steal the show in their tango number." -Hedy Weiss for the Chicago Sun-Times

"Diana Kaarina kids the kewpie-doll daintiness of Miss Dorothy" -Everett Evans for the Houston Chronicle

"Throw in an easygoing charmer (Matt Cavenaugh), a straight-arrow boss (Sean Allan Krill), a dainty best friend (Diana Kaarina)..." -Judith Newmark for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"The darling of the occasion is Diana Kaarina as Millie's best buddy. In her Mary Pickford ringlets, peekaboo bonnet and fluttery chiffon, she is alarmingly and salaciously adorable. Add to that a full-bodied and ringingly secure soprano, and you have the most irresistible soubrette in short, medium or long-term memory. The show's highlight is her duet with Krill of Herbert's “I'm Falling in Love With Someone,” which sends up in masterly fashion the Jeanette MacDonald-Nelson Eddy love-at-first-downbeat routine." -James Damico for the Cleveland Free Times 

"Diana Kaarina is all curls and smiles as Miss Dorothy" -Tony Brown for the Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Sean Krill (Trevor Graydon) and Diana Kaarina (Miss Dorothy Brown) make "I'm Falling in Love with Someone" one of the funniest love songs ever staged... Kaarina is a beauty and has a gorgeous singing voice. " -Leader Online (Ohio)

"Diana Kaarina as Miss Dorothy Brown, with her sweet, songbird voice, also competes with Roberts' star quality. When her character is introduced on the number 'How the Other Half Lives,' you can't help but like the misguided young thing." -Jody Crossman for the Des Moines Register

"Diana Kaarina plays the innocent heartthrob Miss Dorothy to the hilt" -Ed Siegel for the Boston Globe

"The cast is vocally strong, especially Diana Kaarina's coloratura Miss Dorothy..." -Kathleen Rizzo Young for the Buffalo News 

"The stars of this slight fable about a Kansas peach who strikes it rich in the Prohibition Big Apple are appealing as heck, particularly Darcie Roberts as Millie, Diana Kaarina as her cupcake of a best friend Miss Dorothy..." -Joann Grose for The Charlotte Observer

"Diana Kaarina has all the right flutter and flirtation as Miss Dorothy, the little rich girl attempting to see how the other half lives. The role gives her less to do than in the movie version, but she gets her big moment after Dorothy first meets Graydon in the hilarious, imagined love scene with an operetta-inspired duet" -Roy C. Dicks for (Raleigh)

"Far more successful are Diana Kaarina as the hopelessly ingenuous upper-class Miss Dorothy Brown and Sean Allan Krill as Millie's handsome, young and very available boss, Trevor Graydon. Individually, Kaarina and Krill display a shrewd capacity for an understanding of Millie's incipient irreverence. Together, they are sublime in that moment, in which Graydon and Miss Dorothy set eyes upon each other for the first time and, to the strains of Victor Herbert, fall in love as only two young lovers can on Broadway and in operetta." -Jeffrey Borak for the Berkshire Eagle

"Also delivering top drawer performances are Hollis Resnik... and Diana Kaarina as the sweet Miss Dorothy" -John Garcia for Talkin' Broadway

"Diana Kaarina is sweet as pie" -John Hayes for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Diana Kaarina is adorable as the orphaned waif Miss Dorothy" -Alice T. Carter for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Ms. Kaarina makes a deliciously delicate poor little rich girl" -Lawson Taitte for the Dallas Morning News

"More fine work is registered by Diana Kaarina as Dorothy Brown, who checks into Millie's hotel to find out 'how the other half lives'" -By Robert Trussell for the Kansas City Star


"The person who absolutely steals the show is Diana Kaarina, who plays Eponine. Her story of passion for Marius almost outshines Valjean's struggle for freedom. She's an authoritative actress who is also an incredible singer. "Les Miserables" demands that its actors move and use space and sing with fervor. Kaarina helps the audience to suspend reality and puts viewers in the middle of the struggle." -Kelley L. Carter for the Detroit Free Press

"Kaarina is lightly funny and touching, putting her unique voice to use in the one performance in the show where pulling back makes the character stronger, not weaker" -Matthew Murray for "Talkin' Broadway", July 2002 

"By far the highest highlights, however, came in the scenes Diana Kaarina played as the daughter of thieves who is secretly in love with the same revolutionary student who loves the heros ward. Her "On My Own" was as fresh, touching and simply lovely as the song was when it first was heard from the stage of our own Kennedy Center during its pre-Broadway tryout back in 1987." -Potomac Stages, September 2002

"The voice I enjoyed the most was that of Eponine, daughter of the cruel innkeepers. Played by Richmond-born Diana Kaarina, Eponine expresses her love in a clear and strong voice. She is one of the very few characters able to carry her voice above the ensemble." -YuWei Gao, Arts Editor of The Peak

"Standouts of this last Broadway company included Randal Keiths Valjean, Michael McCarthys Javert and Diana Kaarinas Eponine. The longest applause seemed to greet Keiths haunting final tones in falsetto of Bring Him Home and Kaarinas seemingly unending belt on the On My Own climax: A world thats full of happiness that I have never knooooooooowwwwwn." -Andrew Gans,

"The only thing good thing about the greedy Thenardiers is their daughter, Eponine; and Diana Kaarina plays her with great charm and spunk" -Robert W. McDowell for the Raleigh North Carolina Spectator, 2001

"Diana Kaarina played to the other prolonged applause of the night as Eponine, the rival of Cosette who gives all that she has for her unrequited love of Marius. Her lovely solo On My Own, opening Act II, rightfully drew the enthusiastic response from the crowd" -Rob Hopper for Broadway-San Diego

"Kaarina does a marvelous job as Eponine when singing "On My Own" to portray a fragile voice in the midst of chaos" -Charlie Tran for the UCSD Guardian Online