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Fan Reviews

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By Laura
When Thoroughly Modern Millie came to Wolf Trap, I was lucky enough to see it twice. Both times, I enjoyed it immensely. The cast was superb, especially the leads. Diana definitely stood out from the moment she entered the Hotel Priscilla with her dark curls bouncing around as she sang how she wanted to see "How the Other Half Lives." She played the role with the perfect blend of excited anticipation, na´vetÚ, and sophistication in certain areas. She was an audience-pleaser thoughout, especially during her pas de deux with Trevor Graydon (Sean Allan Krill) in "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life/I'm Falling in Love with Someone." She's an excellent singer and dancer, and she did a fantastic job playing Miss Dorothy with both wit and composure.

By Ilana Y.

Diana Kaarina does an amazing job portraying the rich girl going poor, Miss Dorothy in Thoroughly Modern Millie. As soon as she walked into the lobby of the Priscilla hotel and made a very odd deal with Millie (Darcie Roberts) you could tell that Diana was going to bring a very different feel to the show. I began to wonder, shes an amazing actress, can her singing talent match her acting? I could barely even finish my thought before it was answered. Yes. When she opened her mouth to sing How the Other Half Lives I was amazed. As the play continued she only got better. The way that Diana interacted with the other actors was nothing that can be taught. During Im Falling in Love with Someone opposite Sean Allan Krill (Mr. Trevor Graydon) I was leaning forward nearly falling out of  my seat in anticipation for what she would do next. During her love scenes with Ching Ho played by Andrew Pang she was able to make it hilarious keeping a certain level of, for lack of a better word, seriousness to it. I cant wait to see what Diana Kaarina does next, but whatever it is, Im sure itll be great.

By Katie
I had never seen Diana Kaarina perform before, but when I first saw Diana walk into the Priscilla Hotel looking for a place to stay, as Miss Dorothy Brown in Thoroughly Modern Millie, I knew at that moment she was a wonderful performer. She was just so full of life when she walked on that stage. Diana has an amazing voice. When I first heard her sing (which was "How the Other Half Lives"), I said to myself, "I can't wait until thats me on that stage one day"! Her singing makes you think the best of yourself and makes you think that you can do anything. Her beautiful singing continued through "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" in which she also got to show off some of her dancing. Diana is a very graceful dancer and she makes it look so easy to do. I was very impressed with that. Diana's acting throughout the show was very natural. She's a very good actor and knows how to get good laughs too. I especially loved when she went down in her low voice and said the "Trevor" line to Mr. Graydon. That got a good laugh during the opening night in Pittsburgh. Overall Diana's performance as Miss Dorothy was spectacular and I hope to see more of Diana's performances in the future, for she is very talented and someday will rise to the top on Broadway.

By Jenny K.
Diana Kaarina as Miss Dorothy was adorable! I saw her as Eponine on Broadway, and I was in awe of her performance there. I'm even more in awe of her as an actress now, because the two parts (Eponine and Miss Dorothy) are so different, yet she really made them both come to life.


By Christine
I had the opportunity to see Diana perform twice in one month. I saw her at the Wednesday Matinee on Jan 8, 2003, and again at the Saturday evening performance on Feb. 8, 2003. It was the third and fourth time that I had seen the show on Broadway, but the two prior Eponine's that I had seen could not even compare to Diana. Her voice is one of the best that I have ever heard on  either Broadway or a National Tour. Her "On My Own" was so great, when I went in January, the couple sitting next to me could not stop saying "Wow, that girl is good" over and over again. It was the 13th time they had seen the show, and after the show was over they turned to me and said, "I have never seen an Eponine like that, she is going to be famous one day". Her "A Little Fall of Rain", also had myself, and many people around me in tears. Her acting is wonderful, and very realistic. I defiantly recommend that you try to go and see her before May 18th! She has one of the most beautiful voices, and she puts so much feeling into the role. =)

By Valerie
I've seen Diana Kaarina twice in Les Miz, and she is simply amazing! Her voice is among the most incredible voices I have ever heard, and one of the most powerful. During "One Day More," when everyone was belting out different lyrics, you could hear Diana loud and clear above everyone else. The way she played Eponine was amazing. She had everything down perfectly. And everything about her performance was just perfection. And , of course, "On My Own," was easily the best I have ever heard! (Yes, I cried). The way she swells up that last "...that I have never KNOOOWN." is incredible. She holds that note out so long and keeps building the power on it. And her voice just make the song so much more beautiful and powerful. And "A Little Fall of Rain" was heartbreaking! She got weaker as the song moved on, and I just coud not stop crying! Watching DIana as Eponine is totally magic. She is absolutely the real deal! =)

By Jasmine
Diana is my favorite Eponine, and everytime I see her it confirms it. She's just the right touch of being sad without being whiny, spunky but without any hint of "Scrappy-Doo"-ness, angry but without being witchy. Her long note in "On my Own" was the LONGEST I've ever heard anyone do. I was really amazed. I've always loved that face she makes when she tells Marius "Don't judge a girl on how she looks." And she went for the kiss in ALFOR (sometimes I've seen her do it, sometimes not.)
I went through a "'Ponine-backlash" period for awhile where I couldn't stand the character, but Diana really brought Eponine alive again for me. The girl is adorable.

By Jacki
The last time I saw Diana Kaarina in Les Miz I though that she was just amazing. I have never heard anyone that good with such a strong voice and she is by far the best Eponine I have ever heard. "A Little Fall of Rain" was so touching that I cried buckets and the people next to me had to hand me tissues. Needless to say that "On My Own" was fantastic and wonderfuly sung. Diana was definitely the best one out on stage.

By Jenny
Diana as Eponine - WOOOW. I heard her sing On my Own on Broadway on Broadway..but WOW. Her voice is AMAAAAAAAAAAZING. Definitely one of my all-time favorite Eponines.

I've only seen Les Miz twice on Broadway and Diana was the Eponine in both shows.  She plays Eponine in a child-like manner, though you could also notice how vulnerable she is when it comes to Marius.  Her rendition of "On My Own" is always amazing and always receive a well-deserved applause from the audience including myself.

By Debbie
When i saw her in Les Mis she amazed me from the moment she started to sing.  She had an amazing amount of stage presence in that little body of hers!! haha. Her  voice was amazing! I couldn't help watching her in every scene that she was in! I was a mess during "On My Own"," A Little Fall of Rain", and during the "Finale". Diana is an incredible singer, dancer, actress, and overall person.  She is going to make it very far. I know she will. I hope to meet her one day, and I wish her the best of luck in Millie!!


By Kathryn
She certainly is a force to be reckoned with... I remember back in her Phantom days how everyone who saw her thought she was phenomenal, most people considered her the best part of the show. And that doesn't happen too often with Meg. Such a rare talent, and a wonderful person besides. I'm so glad she's getting all this recognition!