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Sandra Turley: An Unofficial Site

After seeing Les Miserables in October of 2002, I fell in love with the show again and decided to search for web sites about the cast members. I found a few of them had official sites and I loved looking around them. But then I noticed that one of the best performers from the show, Sandra Turley, didn't have one and I was really disappointed. Sandra just finished up her run as Cosette in Broadway's Les Miserables. She was Broadway's final Cosette and she more than deserved this specialty. She is one of my favorite actresses and by far my favorite Cosette. I've never really been fond of Cosette as a character in the show because the character isn't as vibrant as the others but Sandra changes that. She gives the character depth and importance and that shows what a wonderful actress she is.
Sandra, this is for you for all your hard work. Thank you.
PS- I made this site because I am a fan of Sandra Turley and enjoyed her performance in Les Miserables. This site is completely unofficial.
And thank you to Faith at for the pictures. Go to Faith's site! It's wonderful!