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Sandra Turley: An Unofficial Site

Here are reviews of Sandra's performances. If you'd like to submit one then please email it to me.

Written by Me
Sandra was amazing! Her beautiful, clear soprano voice is unforgettable. I just love it. She gave Cosette so much more depth than any other actress. Sandra's Cosette is really the only one that I truly love. I'm always excited when In My Life starts because it means I get to see her! In The Robbery scene after Look Down, Sandra is so nice when she gives the Thenardiers money, the look in her eyes is so caring. I love her reaction right before A Heart Full of Love when Marius comes in. She gasps and then is so scared and startled. When Marius "introduces" her to Eponine, she curtsied. I thought that was a nice touch. Her voice with Diana Kaarina's and Kevin Kern's made for a great A Heart Full of Love. It just breaks my heart when Sandra is crying during the finale. That's the part where I always start crying. She is a truly gifted actress and I know she'll go far in life.

Written by Jasmine
Sandra is a very shy, almost mousy Cosette. She doesnt come across as the stereotypical beautiful, distant, rich, good girl type. You totally believe that she probably doesnt think of herself as pretty, and has spent most of her life feeling lonely and isolated. Her modern day equivalent wouldnt be the beautiful, popular, new girl in town who gets the guy, instead she would probably be the quiet, introverted, bookish girl. I like how she hides timidly behind Valjean during the Robbery, mirroring when Young Cosette hides her face in Valjeans coat when she sees the Thenardiers at the inn. Sandra to me felt more like Cosette was a serious girl who probably rarely smiled and most likely kept to herself a lot. Her moments alone during In My Life conveyed that to me, Cosette would smile giddily and then catch her breath, as if she were trying hard not to be silly but couldnt help herself. I think at this point shes not necessarily in love with Marius yet, but shes entertaining the idea for the first time of being in love. When Valjean arrives, her smile and her giddiness disappears. I dont mean shes not happy to see Valjean. Seeing Valjean, she just reverts to the shy and quiet Cosette that is expected of her.

Written by Tim
Always a constant delight! Sandra is perfection in her portrayal of Cosette, in my opinion. I love the timid nature that she brings to the part. There is a sort of mouse-like quality to her Cosette, and whenever she is faced with a difficult situation (at least in the beginning), she turns away and shows her timid, scared little face. I love it! Shes also very beautiful, very polite, and possesses one of the most sparkling soprano voices I have ever heard. Its not too strong to be annoyingly fluttery or shrill, but its strong enough so that she projects well and every word she says is heard and understood. I can almost kick myself for missing her initial reaction to the reading of the last confession at the end of the show (something Ive always liked to watch Sandra do). However, toward the end of her reading it, I noticed that she smiled, pleasantly, and almost seemed to laugh a bit as she remembered her years past. Shes just turns Cosette into such a sweet and likeable character its wonderful. Yeah, this was my seventh time seeing her in the part, and I still want to see her many more times (even though I only have the possibility of seeing her once more). Shes as close to perfection as possible in my mind, and she definitely deserves to be the closing Broadway Cosette!

Written by CJ
I've never really take notice on Cosette when watching Les Miz. Sandra, however, did get my attention when I saw the show on May 17, knowing that it will be the last time I'll see it on Broadway made me absorb every detail of it, on the edge of my seat. She does a really good job portraying the character. Her beautiful voice will make you shiver as she sings "In My Life" and "A Heart Full of Love."